Community Presence - Reaching Out, Proclaiming, and Doing

  • Outreach & Service Team – brings their passion and commitment for service to the heart of St. Peter’s by choosing the most appropriate projects for St. Peters ministry.
  • Communication Team - vital to our community presence by sharing the messages of our “doing” so that everyone has the opportunity to share in the joy and redemption that serving brings.
  • Stewardship - vital component because it can teach us to be “radically generous” in the way we order our priorities and resources.

Independence and Interdependence: Serving as part of a larger Body of Christ

  • The Finance and Stewardship Teams - plan and implement of our goal to become a financially independent parish. Members will desire for St. Peter’s to become an integral part of our diocese. (works with communications)
  • Communication Team - make our financial information accessible and transparent thereby creating trust and ownership of our vision.

Culture and Mentality of Abundance: Joy and Grounded-ness (two teams)

  • Worship Team - comprised of the Altar Guild, Flower Guild, ushers, lay readers, acolytes and musicians is the most represented in our congregation. This group is very experienced and passionate about our liturgy and worship. They have worked humbly and tirelessly to create a culture of abundance while grounding us in our liturgical traditions.
  • Building and Grounds team - prepares and maintains our beautiful outdoor chapel and grounds allowing us to celebrate the natural beauty of God’s creation while offering an authentic, simple service for newcomers to experience. We have an amazing space to enjoy and share with the community. With our existing garden team, we seek a few additional members to focus on maintaining and monitoring the interior space in the building for the next three years. In order for us to share our space with the community, this team will need to work towards the shared goal of abundance and joy in utilizing our kitchen and meeting spaces.

Spiritual Growth: Deepening, Strengthening, and Nourishing

  • Christian Formation team - cultivate and support the spiritual growth of all members of St. Peter’s.
  • Youth formation (subgroup) - sustain and plan for the Christian education of our children internally and externally through teachers as well as other parishioners. Participating in the wide variety of Diocesan programs will be vital to our success in forming our children to be servant leaders.
  • Parish Life Team - create, plan and participate in activates that support our St. Peter’s family and the hospitality it represents. Goal to establishing a framework to enable this to happen consistently and joyfully.
  • Pastoral Care - Fr. Will currently provides pastoral care and our online prayer circle responds to prayer requests. This nourishes and sustains those suffering as well as assures others of our strong commitment to prayer.
  • Stewardship and Worship teams - year round team that supports newcomers while integrating and educating us in the current research on managing our physical, financial and spiritual resources. Implementing new worship services and programs deepens our intellectual knowledge, nourishes our spiritual development and equips us to “go forth to love and serve the Lord”.