Serving Our Community

At St. Peter’s, we believe in the importance of community service and engage in a variety of opportunities throughout the year to support our local community. Here’s a look at just a few of the ways we serve:

Frying Pan Cleanup
Every year, St. Peter’s helps the Roaring Fork Conservancy clean up the Frying Pan River to eliminate several hundred pounds of litter along the banks of that vital stream. The cleanup always lands on the Saturday closest to Earth Day, so mark your calendars!

Extended Table
First United Methodist Church in Glenwood Springs hosts the Extended Table every third Thursday of the month. Each year, St. Peter’s provides the food, service and clean up for men, women and families in need of a warm meal.  

Trail Work
With some help from Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers, St. Peter’s regularly helps repair some trails in the Valley that have suffered from neglect and erosion. These projects are open to just about any age or physical ability. Like God's kingdom, nobody's gift will go unappreciated!

St. Peter’s Cupboard
With the help of Valley Settlement Project, St. Peter's has identified five needy families in our area to help with donations of food. Each month we provide a small donation of dry food (rice, pinto beans, canned food, peanut butter, etc),  a meal from Women's Cooking, and a card for use at City Market.


Backpacks of Love
Each year, St. Peter’s gathers money and school supplies for the school kids of Basalt Elementary School through the Family Resource Center. This vital ministry began when we realized that there were some children in our schools for whom buying school supplies and things like backpacks would be a struggle; after rent and other necessities, there’s often very little left in some families’ budgets for anything else. Just a little bit of assistance can help so much.

St. Peter’s also helps people in need when called upon